Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Passport Fee

Today, i went to the imigration office again to attend a photo and interview session as part of my passport extension. I arrived at 9 AM and took the queue number. I got number 17 and the display showed 16, which means i'm next customer. It didn't take one minute before i was called to fetch my documents.

Next, i waited to pay and i was surprised, since i only have to pay IDR 275000, less than i expected before (it's mentioned on my previous blog post). It seems the finger print fee has been included as well, so here are the details:
- 48 pages passport : IDR 270000
- Passport cover: IDR 5000

After i payed the fee, i have to wait for photo session. They took my photo and also scanned my fingerprints (all of them). The last session was an interview session. It took me less than 3 minutes to finish, as they only asked one question and after i signed that all of the data i wrote in the application form has been verified, i'm done with the process.

All i have to do now is wait for the next two days to get my new passport Yahoo

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