Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blogger is Upgrading

Blogger is planning to upgrade it's look once again and it will be done by tomorrow (April 1, i hope it's not an April Fool). They have placed a visible notification on the dashboard and users can opt in to upgrade to the new look right away. Don't worry, you have an option to revert to the old look if you don't like it.

While most people will think that changing look is a good progress and shows that Google still maintain Blogger, some users (including me) still likes the old and conventional look. It's pretty simple, minimalist, and the most important thing, it works.

Until now, i still used the old template and not moving to the new one, because i might loose a couple of opportunities by upgrading to the new one. I have done the same steps when i still used the old editor because my Yahoo/Plurk Emoticon script still relies on the old editor and it's not compatible with the new one. Now i was forced to use the new one since Google has changed the old one so the script no longer works.

In the new look of Blogger, you have an option to link your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile. This way, it's getting easier for you to post something on your Google+ page.

The editor is also have been revamped and you can add more information about your post, such as adding your location. One feature i love most in the past is the preview button which instantly preview your post look like without having to open a new tab/window.

Let's see what surprises Google will give us tomorrow on April Fool day :)

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