Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fair Bandwidth Usage

In order to provide fair bandwidth usage to community and to the school that provides the bandwidth, i decided to make some changes into the server that i currently manage. I know some people will be annoyed by this change, but it's something i must do since the top priority of the server is to provide facilities for students.

Minimizing rsync connection
In the past, i didn't give any limit to the rsync connection. Some people abuse this service and use all of the bandwidth provided. So, right now, i reduced it to 10 connections max. When that number reached, you will have to wait.

No ISOs at rsync
ISOs are no longer included in the rsync collections. Everything now comes down to repositories only. ISO should be downloaded directly via HTTP which has it's own bandwidth limiter during office hours (7 AM - 5 PM, Indonesian Time)

Monitor Closely
I have added the logging transfer options so that i can monitor what has been transfered to the public. The purpose of this repository is to help people to get packages easier and faster. If there's no one using it, i might shut down the repository and change to others that might be in high demand.

Removed Fedora and sorted repository list
I have removed Fedora on my repository list for some time, but i forgot to delete it from rsync list. Now, it's gone and the list has been sorted in ascending orders.

Renamed repository list
I have changed the repository into slackbuilds so that it's simpler and shorter. For those who used this server to sync with SlackBuilds, please update your rsync script as soon as possible.

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