Thursday, March 08, 2012

iPad 3

You have seen the news. Apple is announcing their latest product as The New Ipad, not iPad 3 as most people would have guessed. It seems that Apple doesn't want to be easily guessed. They keep giving surprises to most of their fans, but unfortunately sometimes they didn't get their prizes.

The new iPad will not use A6 chips, but A5X which is quad-core processors, it has 4G LTE support, Retina Display, 5 MP iSight camera, and brings iOS 5.1 as the default operating system. It has the same price as the old iPad 2 (which is now discounted $100 from it's original price).

So what do you think of this new iPad? Does it interest you so that you pre-ordered this item? I do love it since i only have iPad 1 and it's clearly way slower and have less features than iPad 3, and i think i'm planning to buy it when it's available in Indonesia.

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