Monday, March 19, 2012

Linux Kernel 3.3 is Out

Linus has finally released Linux Kernel 3.3 after having an extra RC last week and explain what he had in mind for his spring breaks with his kids in Oregon coast. It also means that the merge window for Linux Kernel 3.4 development is now open for the next two weeks (plus several days extra if Linus didn't have any Internet access there).

Well said, this Linux Kernel 3.3 is really promising. Here are several highlighted features available on this release:
  • Android Merge
  • Open vSwitch support
  • Lots of improvement on Btrfs (RAID, Debugging Tools, Balancing)
  • Teaming network device
  • Byte queue limits
  • Per-cgroup TCP Buffer limits
  • Network priority control group
  • EXT4 online resizing
  • New architecture: TI C6X
  • EFI Boot Support
Have a detailed description about this new features along with other changes in KernelNewbies.

This Linux Kernel also brings a lot of performance improvements thanks to the hard work of kernel developers around the world who have contributed to this release. Further improvement shall land on Linux Kernel 3.4 soon enough and we will see the results in the next 2.5 - 3 months. For now, let's enjoy Linux Kernel 3.3

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