Thursday, March 22, 2012


The International Airport of Ngurah Rai in Bali will be closed for 24 hours due to Nyepi and it will be re-opened again the next day. It's an annual event that took place on this Friday for this year. Approximately 290 flights were postponed due to this event, but since it has been announced earlier, most of the airways has prepared for this event and they have scheduled to have a non-flight to Bali on this date.

Nyepi in Bali is very unique celebration, because other people (domestic/foreigners) will be participating as well because 98% of the local people in Bali will celebrate this by staying at their houses and doing self-reflection privately. Even tourists are not exempt; although free to do as they wish inside their hotels, no one is allowed onto the beaches or streets, and the only airport in Bali remains closed for the entire day. Only special vehicles are allowed to travel during Nyepi and that is taken for those with life-threatening conditions and women about to give birth.