Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Cryptography Class is Live

This morning, i received an email from the instructor of Cryptography Class, Professor Dan Boneh telling that the Crytography Class has been officially available, even though the class will start next week on March, 12.

Here's the email i got:
We're now live!!! Thank you all for your patience during these past couple of weeks. The first week of lectures, slides, and problem sets are all posted. The discussion forum is live. Please click here to get started:

Even though you've already signed up, you need to register and choose a password in the left side of the login box the first time you go to the site.

The class will last for six weeks and officially starts on March 12. We will be covering two topics per week. Each topic will consist of a series of lectures with some embedded questions. There will be a weekly programming assignment plus a weekly problem set. The first week's assignments are posted and are due on March 26th.

I encourage you to participate in our online discussion forums by asking and answering questions and discussing the material. We also welcome feedback on the course and the assignments.

Please also forward this email to friends who might be interested in learning about cryptography or who might just be interested in this new form of online education. If you have friends taking the class, I strongly encourage you to form a study group to discuss the material. You might even find that it's more fun to watch the videos in a group.

Welcome again and I hope that you find this class stimulating and thought provoking.

Dan Boneh
It seems that they used Amazon's Web Service for the infrastructures so that it won't give them the burden to maintain the servers that might be overwhelmed with students, lecturers, researchers, scientists that joined the class.

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