Thursday, February 15, 2007

Delayed Package

I sent a package to my girlfriend on February 13th noon and i was hoping that it will reached the destination at 14 of February as it was my gift for her. I took the ONS (One Night Service), so i was quite sure that it will reach Jogja on time, but i was wrong. At 10 AM, i called my girlfriend and asked her whether the package has arrived or not, and she confirmed that no package has been received up to now, so i tried to track my package via Tiki's website, but it came up empty. So i called their customer service and they said that they had some problems on the online tracking, so they tried to do it manually and i got an information that the package was already in Jogja since it has left Jakarta since morning (6 AM) and it's on the way to the recipient.

At 4 PM i called my girlfriend again and asked her again, but still no package received, so i called Tiki again since it supposed to be arrived at that day, but they couldn't give a precise answer since they didn't get the confirmation from Tiki in Jogja, so they asked me to call again today if the package hasn't arrived.

So at 8 AM i called the customer service again and i asked them to get a confirmation from Tiki in Jogja about my delivery and she would call me back after she got an information, but not long after i hung up the phone, my girlfriend sent me a SMS message saying that she already got the package. Phewww. The package was delivered, but somehow it took more time than i expected. Perhaps it's because there were so many packages being delivered at that time (it's Valentine day), so they slipped my package.

Perhaps in the future i should send them 2 days before, just for anticipation.