Monday, February 26, 2007

Free Postcard Services

This morning i got an email message from Sandip Maiti, one of the founder of Zimoz, a site which offer a concept of postcard, where you can make your own postcards and send it to your friends around the world (they called it a format free creation tool that would be super easy to use for everyone to express stories, issues and trivia). The process of making the postcard is very attractive and interesting, as you can put any kind of information (text, video, pictures, banner, cliparts) on the postcards and use the drag n drop like in other Web 2.0 enabled site.

People say postcards has been replaced by e-cards, but with Zimos, you can have a combination of both and of course it's free. People say visualization is better then text-based, so make your new visual product and express your story on the postcards