Friday, February 23, 2007

Not Cheap Anymore

I used Fren from Mobile-8 to communicate with my girlfriend in Jogja. She also used Fren so we can communicate with each other with cheap prize. But suddenly after the price was raised, everything became way too expensive. I usually buy 1 voucher for 1 month, but this month i already bought two voucher even though i used the same frequency to call my girlfriend (furthermore, sometimes she is the one who called me).

My colleagues and friends also feels the same thing, because they said that their credit (for pre-paid type) are dropping so fast and when they realized it, it's already almost empty.

Other problems that i usually experienced when using Fren is the limitation of the networks. When you try to make a phone call around 8 - 10 PM, you will often receive a busy line message from the operator thus you will have to redial again and again before your call can be received by the recipient. Also sometimes i had a dropped call in the middle of the conversation, even though the signal is full.

Fren oh Fren....


  1. "Also sometimes i had a dropped call in the middle of the conversation"

    that's CDMA :D

  2. Reinhard7:28 AM

    Not Rp.7/sec anymore?

  3. Please see here: