Thursday, February 08, 2007

Think Before You Act

Sometimes, we do something without thinking about it deeply at the beginning. At the end, we don't get the result we expected and sometime there's nothing we can do to fix it, because we can't rollback the time (not like Transaction in Database which can be rolled back). Therefore, it's a wise thing if we think about our next action before doing something, mostly for important task.

Perhaps one of the most relevant example related to this issue is the SMS message that was sent by someone with initial IS. He sent a SMS message to six numbers and said like this (taken from DetikInet) :
"Sekarang rakyat sudah mulai menjarah akibat penanganan banjir yang tidak baik. Untuk itu kami mengimbau kepada seluruh rakyat yang terkena bencana banjir untuk segera menjarah apotik-apotik, toko-toko makanan seperti Carrefour, Hero, Indomaret, dll."
Translations (sorry for my bad English):
"Now people have started to rob due to bad flood handling. Therefore, we advice to all people who suffered from the flood to start robbing drug store, groceries such as Carrefour, Hero, Indomaret, etc."

When he was arrested, he said that his motif was to make other people scared and start carrying to other people and help them, but i don't think this is relevant with his message. He suggest other people to do bad things (stealing).

If he really tried to help other people, why would he had to do that? Is that a good way to help other people?