Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Design 4 ALL Version Released

Finally the D4ALL (Design 4 All) version of OWG Project has been officially released for public. You can grab them at OWG's official site. For now, it's only available on Dutch language (officially), and i don't know when will it be available (because we haven't receive any request to build the English version up to now), but our team had already make the unofficial English version and conducting some internal testing, because we removed some components that belongs to OWG and use other components that can be used legally.

One of the biggest change is the TTS engine. In the unofficial English version, we tried to use Microsoft's Speech Engine SDK which can be downloaded from Microsoft's site. At first, i was quite confused about the decision of which TTS engine should be used, because we are looking for something which is good enough and if possible free. We tried several TTS engine before finally we decided to use Microsoft's Speech engine. Actually since Windows 2000, Microsoft has shipped a default speech database (it's either Mike/Sam i forgot), but it's not that good, so after you install Speech Engine SDK, you will get 2 additional sound database and it's quite good.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't implemented Spell method in their Speech engine, so in order to simulate the spelling process, i have to make my own implementation of Spell() which is available on the original TTS engine being used in the D4ALL version and the result is nice.

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