Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nice Improvement on PHPMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin has released their beta1 version for the upcoming 2.10.0 version and this version will include some new features, such as calendar (in Search page) and also graphical relation manager. One thing i like is this new beta version is speed improvement on big database/tables. Gaining faster access while querying or manipulating records on the database can also improve our productivity (mostly if we work with long and complex SQL queries every day).

Here's the complete improvements on PHPMyAdmin 2.10.0-beta1:
* Designer: new graphical relation manager
* Improved speed on servers with thousands of databases/tables
* Vertical field editor (optional)
* Option to avoid counting rows for views
* Calendar on search page
* DOS-style end-of-lines in setup-generated files

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