Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Driver Supported in The Future

Greg KH, one of the Kernel developers and also the author of Linux Device Driver Development Kit Project has invited a Free Linux Driver Development for everybody who has problem of making a driver available on Linux operating system. His offer is not only for specific devices, but all kind of devices. The company only needs to provide a specification of how the device should work and then the Linux Device Driver community will try to develop that driver based on the spec given. The company may also give an email address of a technical engineer that will give support in the development process. Every working driver is being promised to be included in the main kernel tree, so it will likely be available on the next kernel release and since Linux kernel supports a lot of CPU type, it will be likely be available to those kind of CPU as well.

I think this project will have a good future and if it's successful, then almost every devices available on store can be used in every platform (Windows, Macintosh, and also GNU/Linux), thanks to good cooperation of the company who gave the specs and community who works on that driver.

Driver for printer will also be supported as well, so i think there's no reason for not using Open Source in the future.


  1. Obyektif2:00 PM

    There is no reason for not using OpenSource? Why is that?

  2. Hmm.. perusahaan kayak Turboprint, Linuxant, dkk harus siap-siap gulung tikar neh :)