Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking For Alternatives?

Is your company planning to migrate to Open Source like the other (like Nurul, Vavai, and many more....)? Perhaps the most difficult problem to be solved is to find the perfect alternatives in the new operating system (in this case it's GNU/Linux). Only a bit of application which can work without any difference in two platform (most of the case is build using Java). Using Wine is not the best way, since not every Windows program can be executed perfectly with Wine, but it's worth to try. When you do need help, this site might help you: OSALT (OpenSource as Alternatives). It lists a lot of Open Source alternatives which you can use after the migration process. It may not the best one, but so far, every application submitted is very popular and some of them are also available on Windows platform. You can also submit a new application if you find an application which hasn't been listed there.

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    hore, my blog have linked mr wili. thanks guys...