Saturday, January 13, 2007

Relaxing Weekend

Today, i finally finish solving Copy Minder issue which bothering me in the last few days (it started this week actually). With better Internet connection at Saturday, i can do better testing and as the result, the Copy Minder protection is ready to be validated by my client.

At first, i thought that there were bugs in Copy Minder, but today i realize that it's not a bug, but it's my fault. This is my first time using Copy Minder, so i'm quite confused on how to work with it. The included CHM file is only giving a little explanation on the implementation of the protection itself. So, i have to browse their web page for more clues, but it's impossible if i do that in office hour when most people were accessing Internet for their works also, so i choose Saturday, when most people don't come to the office. And finally i found the solution for my problem. I did a little experiments and it worked fine. Good news.

I will have further testing next monday and hope to send the updated modules to my client and when it's done, my project can be considered finished and start on other project which is already waiting for me.

At last, i can relax at weekend ....


  1. Hi

    I am thinking of upgrading from Microcosm's CoptControl to Copy Minder.

    What is your opinion of it?

    We have many programs wriiten in VB5 and fortran. We don't want the hassle of protection to each program but just add protection to one dll or executeable that all our programs will call.

    That might not be secure though -what do you think.

  2. I never used CoptControl before, but i do experienced using CopyMinder and it's a great application.

    VB5 and fortran might not have problems, but VB.NET does. You will have to use the API method rather than shell method, which requires you to modify your source code a little bit, but it's quite easy to do that.

    AFAIK, CopyMinder works per application, so you can't use one dll for all of your application. It should be 1 dll file per application, but each client can use it and they will get a different product key