Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hotspot Everywhere

Right now, hotspots are being placed in some malls in Jogja. As far as i know, in Plaza Ambarukmo and Galeria, there's a free Internet access which can be used freely. In Plaza Ambarukmo, you can access it in the Food Court, while in Galeria, you can access it anywhere, since it's placed on the ceiling on each floor. It's provided by XL or Indosat as far as i can see, since there's a logo for their company.

So, when you visit Jogja, please bring your laptop and give it a try, but perhaps the connection is not as fast as usual for few days, since i think the Internet connection is still very bad these days, mostly after the earthquake that struck Taiwan last week. Most of ISP still having problem recovering their connection to the normal condition (including my ISP). Luckily my cousin had a Speedy connection, so i can use it and write this post. When the connection is fully recovered, then you can give it a try again :D


  1. Are you reffering to the white oddly shaped thing with XL logo on it? I believe its the GSM signal repeater, not WiFi hotspot.

    Galleria's hotspot is provided by less popular ISP (not XL nor Indosat) AFAIK.

  2. Hm... it's possible, but a repeater in almost every few meters? I still think it's a hotspot antenna.

    GSM signal is quite strong in Galeria, so i don't think lots of repeater are needed to strengthen their signal.

  3. Hi there ..
    AFAIC ... The hotspot at Amplas (Ambarukmo Plaza) is available on every floor. And the cafe inside Centro Departement Store and Tora Bistro has their own Access Point.

    I'm not yet have a chance to try the hotspot at galleria. BUt if there are what so called WiFi Acces Point with a logo XL there, maybe it's right. Cause some providers around Jogja are using XL as their backbone. CMIIW

  4. I know that Centro has their own hotspot. I have noticed it at the first time i visit PA.

    About the hotspot in galeria, i think they use double provider, XL and Indosat, because i also saw an Indosat logo on it.