Thursday, January 04, 2007

Double Pay

Today i went to the travel agent that sell me the ticket to go to Jakarta to re-issued my ticket again, since i had canceled my ticket since my father was ill and i still have 1 month to re-issued it again before it expired. When i canceled this flight, i was told that i can re-issued it again but i have to pay Rp. 50.000. Today, i had to pay more than that, since the there are no available seats that have the same class as mine, so i have to upgrade my tickets to higher class in order to get the available seats and that means i had to pay more.

The problem is not about the money, but about the services. Some airways use classes to differentiate the price between their tickets, but at the end, nothing is different. You get the same snack (only several airways give snack on the plane), drink, tight seats, and services. So, what's the advantage of paying higher classes if we (the customer) don't get any additional services?

The tickets had been confirmed and i will leave to Jakarta on Sunday at 6 PM. Hopefully there won't be any bad weather.