Monday, January 08, 2007

Journey To Jakarta

I was sitting at the adisutjipto airport while i wrote this post, looking for a hotspot, but unfortunately, i didn't find one. I thought there are hot spot in this aiport, since there's something at the ceiling which is the same with the thing that i saw in Galeria few days ago. I thought this indicate that there are hot spots in this airport, but when i tried to browse for the available wireless networks, it couldn't find any, so i guess, it's not a hot spot antenna or probably they didn't activate it. Too bad, since really want to test the connection and also post this blog.

The renovation of the airport has been finished and it's bigger, more comfortable (thanks to new waiting seats, new TV screens, but also new ads around the building), and more clean then ever (even though it cannot be compared to other international airport in other countries). One thing that i like this airport compared to Soekarno-Hatta is that it only has 1 entry point, so it's not confusing at all, but the disadvantage of this is the maximum capacity is lower than in Soekarno-Hatta. But i think the seats are still adequate for most cases (except for special circumstances), because the traffic of this airport is quite crowded, so people came in and out so quick.

There are a lot of foreign people who traveled to Jogja as far as i seen in this airport. Sitting in front of me are people from Korea (i guess) with a small kids sleeping in his baby car.

Lucky me that i don't have to carry too much things at my bag, except for Bakpia for my colleagues. Well, i think i will enjoy the flight and hoping that there won't be any bad weather while i'm on the flight and i can arrive safely at Soekarno-Hatta airport. I will update this post when i reached at my place.

Update (21:55 PM): I finally reached my place. The plane was delayed and i took off at 6.30, 30 minutes behind the original schedule along with other airways too. I arrived at Soekarno-Hatta airport at about 7.25 and i took an airport bus (Blok M) to get me to around Slipi Jaya and then from there, i took a cab to drive me to my place. The bus rate was still the same, Rp. 15.000, but unfortunately, i didn't get the nice driver. The bus also took so long to pick up passengers, while we had to wait until the bus was almost full before he start driving to Blok M, the last destination.

When i got home, my room was so dusty (i left it for about 2 weeks or so), so i start cleaning it, including changing my bed cover. After all was done, i start updating this blog and here's the final result of my journey back to Jakarta.

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  1. Welcome back Wil,

    New Year = New Bed Cover :-). Bersih-bersih, tahun depan sudah ada yang bantu bersih-bersih :-)