Saturday, January 06, 2007


There was a major blackout in Jogja for about 2 hours. I'm was in Plaza Ambarukmo when the blackout started. There was an electricity problem also in PA, but i didn't know that it was a blackout until i got out of PA. Finally the blackout was recovered at 10:15 PM (just at the time when i wanted to go to sleep) and i can get back to online again and write this post :D

After talking to Yahya Kurniawan in YM, he told me that the problem was due to a broken trafo in Ungaran (near Semarang) which has a capacity around 500 mVA that supplied electricity for Jogja and Central Java (he heard this from a radio). When that trafo is broken, most of areas in Jogja and Central Java will have blackout.

What confuses me is that the local governments has hold a campaign to save the electric in the TV, Newspaper, and many more, but they build a gigantic TV screen near Garuda Hotel fthat used a lot of resources and also bringing so many unused lamp (except for entertainment) under the campaign banner.

I once talked to one of my colleague who has just return to Netherlands last month and he said that in his country, there were almost no power failure or just say once in five years, because it would cost a devastating results in many places, so the government is trying to prevent power failure at any circumstances. I hope that the Indonesian governments also can do their best to give what's best to this country :D