Friday, January 12, 2007

Speedy of Speedy

Today, the Internet connection at my office is horrible. Few minutes online, and then offline for few hours. That happened not only today, but for this whole week. I have called Speedy's customer service (via 147), but it's not getting better, even after office hour which usually gets better. They said that the connection has no problem at all, but in reality, it does have problems.

Unfortunately, my work currently does need Internet access badly, like as i said in my previous post. Without Internet access, i couldn't do anything with it. I tried to put some documents on my account at my campus, but it's also slow, even though we both using the same service from Telkom (my campus is using Astinet).

Maybe Speedy should consider to make their network stable first rather than looking for more client which in the end only making more trouble and slower for the other clients. Even if they keep reducing their price, but if the service is very unstable like nowadays, i don't think people will ever use them in the future. What do we pay for? Timeouts? (like in Romi's blog)

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