Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MySQL Community Edition 5.0.33

MySQL has announced that they will not provide any binary build again, thus there aren't anymore in the Download Page. It was also noted in the release note of MySQL Community Edition, 5.0.33:
This version of MySQL Community Server has been released as a source tarball only; there are no binaries built by MySQL.

Lots of thing have been updated/fixed in this version, so if you would like to have state-of-the-art MySQL version, grab this version and compile it with your development tools and you will have the latest version of MySQL.

It's their first time to release a release on their public page since 5.0.27 and some people thought they were hiding it. The conclusion is clear: MySQL keep releasing the MySQL community edition, BUT only in tarball and source code version, no more binary version again.


  1. MySQL does not fully discontinue to release binaries of the Community Server. Please see the comment on the MySQL 5.0 Download pages:

    While every bug fix that has been applied to the Enterprise Server will also be available in the subsequent Community Server release, there will be source-only releases in between full (source and binary) Community builds. So while the latest published community sources will always be available from the Source Downloads Section, the binaries listed on this page may be from a previous release. In any case, full binaries for all our supported operating systems are and will remain conveniently available from this page.

    Also see Kaj Arnö’s blog entry for a clarification:

    MySQL continues providing Windows binaries for free

    Contrary to some reports in the community, MySQL will continue providing binaries both for Windows and other operating systems. All our download pages, including those for MySQL 5.0, have binaries today, and will continue to have them.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, even though binary build will not be as up-to-date as source code version, but still it's usefull rather than compiling from the source code each time we want to make an upgrade