Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MySQL Community Edition 5.0.33

MySQL has announced that they will not provide any binary build again, thus there aren't anymore in the Download Page. It was also noted in the release note of MySQL Community Edition, 5.0.33:
This version of MySQL Community Server has been released as a source tarball only; there are no binaries built by MySQL.

Lots of thing have been updated/fixed in this version, so if you would like to have state-of-the-art MySQL version, grab this version and compile it with your development tools and you will have the latest version of MySQL.

It's their first time to release a release on their public page since 5.0.27 and some people thought they were hiding it. The conclusion is clear: MySQL keep releasing the MySQL community edition, BUT only in tarball and source code version, no more binary version again.