Friday, January 05, 2007

Need Firewall? Try NuFW

If you are looking for Linux distribution which has special purposes for being a firewall, perhaps NuFW is what you are looking for. Here's some description about NuFW from Mandriva Newsletter which i received just now:
NuFW is a next-generation firewall that includes exclusive features which offer new authentication and user-tracking possibilities.

For the first time, it becomes possible to define and use a filtering policy based on the user identity, not on the IP address. With conventional firewalls, filtering rules are, by design, limited to matching on concrete technical specifics: IP address, ports, etc.

NuFW brings new capabilities by bringing the notion of user identity to the security rules. This authentication is made a posteriori, so NuFW never associates an IP to a user.

The firewall sees not only computers (IP addresses), but also users as the source of network traffic. Filtering rules are not based on just computers, but truly on users or groups, so that the security policy can be strictly enforced, for wired or wireless networks.

Furthermore, NuFW provides an elegant and secure framework for building single sign-on solutions. The fit is natural because it is the gateway, which all traffic must cross, which centralizes and responds to authentication requests.

NuFW won the security category of 'les Trophées du Libre 2005'.

Mandriva Corporate Server 4 provides NuFW on server side including
NuFace (the ACL management tool) and NuLog (the log management tool).

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