Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another Three Weeks

As you can see in this week post, most of my posts were about complaints about the ISP being used in my office. It's very slow during office hour and even in morning/night, it still couldn't access some site (mostly site that was being hosted outside Indonesia). I (like the other) had contacted the customer service several times until finally we get bored of it.

Last friday, i called the customer service again and the operator said that she would make a report on this one and yesterday, i got a call from the ISP operator (luckily that i was in the office that day) saying that the impact of the earthquake is still effective, since the cable is not yet fixed 100% and since the ISP has re-route their connection to Europe (i guess), it will cause some delays and RTO (Request Time Out), mostly during office hour. She also said that it will come to normal again (just like before the earthquake) in about 3 weeks (now, that's a bad news). So, if you encounter what i had (even though you are using different ISP that i used), don't be surprised to experience it in another 2-3 weeks (perhaps it will be quicker, since the cables are being repaired as fast as they can). Things will come back to normal next month.


  1. Slow is better than "dead" ...
    Enjoy it, hard worker! :)

  2. yeah, i know, it's better, but not the best situation for new year presents :D