Friday, January 26, 2007

Speedy but Not Steady

Today i seldom browse the Internet since my work is overloaded with tight schedule, but when i tried to browse the Internet (i even make my YM status invisible), it's quite faster then in the last 2 weeks after the earthquake. I wish everything goes like this (or even faster), but just in a few minutes, it turned 180 degrees. It is very very slow and i can't even open my blog. I guess Speedy is Speedy, but not Steady. I wish they can be Speedy and Steady in the future.


  1. Actually I ever worried considering Bandung is a populous city and many netters live here. I mean: if Speedy can not handle proportional ratio between resources and subscribers, that can be a big problem.

    A friend also told me that based on his experiment in Internet cafe business, Speedy was better in Lembang (small city in the north of Bandung) than in Bandung itself. We thought that this may be dealt with less subscribers in Lembang. (But please do not accept this speculation because we never did benchmarks between them actually.)

    In this first month to be a subscriber, I have not yet found serious problems. I only measured Speedy's speed once and it pointed to about 250 kbps. I use Internet mostly for text-based works, so my requirements are perhaps lower than average. :)

  2. Yes, many ISP tried to achive biggest client (quantity), but not quality to gain more profit. That's one of the reason. If they can provide stable network, people will definitely use them and they will gain more profit and also giving more services in the future

  3. Anonymous3:02 AM

    That would be a long time coming to country like Indonesia. Where the business concept is base on one thing "Short Term" or "Greed and don't care about the customers"