Saturday, January 27, 2007

Slow Access on Main Site

In the last few days, i had some trouble accessing the main site of Linux Kernel. Luckily there has been a mirror which is quite fast. If you have been facing the same thing, have a look on the news of the site:
Dec 12: It appears that a large number of users preferentially hit server 1, despite DNS round-robin. Some reports indicate that this may be caused when there is a Microsoft DNS server in between us and the end user (e.g. at the ISP.) Therefore, if you use rsync against our servers, you may want to hit server 2 explicitly ( or Similarly, you might find that you get better performance from, or

I never looked at this news before as it is very rarely being updated. Well, at least there has been some mirrors who provide faster access to the latest kernel version.

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