Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another Case File Closed

After batling for 3 days, finally i managed to finished another Mystery Case File, this time is MCF Ravenhearst. In this game, you will have to find clues via diary entry of a person called Emma Ravenhearst which haunted Ravenhearst manor for years. As usual, you will have to find hidden things and after that, you will have to rebuild a small jigsaw, which describe the condition of Emma when she wrote her diary. The hardest puzzle was the last one. I had to retry several time before i can passed that one. A little careless will force you to restart the level again and since there's no time reset, you will have to keep on clicking to make the time to 0.

This game has also a simple bonus which if you can find it, you can send an email to BigFishGames to include your picture in the next release of Mystery Case Files. Well, i have found it anyway, but i'm not sure that my picture will be included in the next MCF :D

Actually, i have downloaded this game last December, but i forgot to bring it home while i was having my holiday, so i can play it after i get back to Jakarta. Even more lucky, i managed to copy this game before my laptop's HD was dead that leads me to change to another laptop.

Here's the screenshot after i completed the game:


  1. Anonymous12:57 AM


  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Trial version?

  3. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Willy can you help me with Ravenhearst. When I get to the end of the game, find seven keys as instructed plus another three, but can't get to the cellar. Am i missing something or am I doing something wrong. Beginning to think I've got a bug in the game

  4. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Got it from torrent? It is illegal then. It would be better if you are not only advocate to use Open Source, but also legal software.

  5. @anonymous: i have answered your question on the other post.

    @Obyektif: Actually there is a friend of mine who had bought it and offered it to me via Torrent, so i got it from his torrent

  6. Anonymous6:42 PM

    hey willy can you help me to unlock the cellar .. please plese

  7. try this:
    Get the keys that has a ring on it (6 i guess), and the other one is the one with 3 holes. I guess that's the keys to unlock the cellars