Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's Not Over Yet

Finally i have surpassed 100 articles that has been published on PCPlus. It's 101 articles right now and most of them were talking about Linux and Open Source application. I thought this week i could get into 100, but when i looked at my publication page again, it turned out to be 101, so the 100th article was about 1 month ago, since PCPlus is a bi-weekly magazine.

I start writing articles since i was in the first semester at college. At first, i didn't have any intention at all, but when my lecture, Budi Sutedjo asked us to write something and publish it on a magazine/newspaper or any other media, i started to write something and that's my first experience writing an article which continue up to now. I got a lot of benefits by writing besides i earned some cash from it, for example i can skip the mid test in several subject whose lecture was Budi Sutedjo, because my article was published and i got 100% for the test itself (i wasn't sure that i will get those points if i had to do the test).

Well, i'm still writing articles for PCPlus and now i'm also blogging using Blogger and i have around 900 post up to know. It's like a new hobby for me to write something on my blog. Getting 1000 post is my next target and i think i can achieve that this year. Surpassing 100 and 1000 is not a fixed target as i will always add more targets later on.

1 comment:

  1. whattttt 1000 in the blog?
    wowww so amazing ..
    i only have 77 :( i will push my self to write it again and again and again
    why u not make a book?
    that's sounds good right?
    if u release a book, tell me ya. And if u have generous heart, give me one :P ihihiihihi