Wednesday, January 17, 2007 Plan-B

Kaj Kandler, the founder of Conficio has introduced me to a Plan-B for which gives online help for in the form of Plan-B animated software manuals. It's very interesting manuals and it's growing every day. Cited from the site (per 17 January 3:29 PM):
The website contains currently 82 help topics with 51 screencasts for Writer, 3 screencast for Impress, one screencast for Draw, one screencast for Math, 24 screencast for Calc, one screencast for Base, and 96 glossary terms.
The only thing you need to access this website besides browsers are Java Plugin.

Short description about Plan-B from the original site:
Plan-B™ is a new technology that documents software with short videos (screencasts) and offers smart search technology for improved indexing. This service allows anyone, especially non technical users, to find answers to their questions quickly and to understand the documentation effortless.

Here's one of the example which shows you about Find Using Wildcards in Regular Expression.

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