Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Look For Vista Preview?

If you want to have a preview for Windows Vista, but you don't have the required spec to run the beta version, then try it on web by visiting Windows Vista Test Drive site, provided by Microsoft. In order to use this test drive, you will have to have IE 6 at minimum, and you will have to install an ActiveX component from Microsoft.

You will have a display of the next Windows Vista release, but there's nothing you can do much with it, except for watching demo videos, looking at their features, gives feedback, recommend it to your friend, and buy the product. If you are living in a certain areas, then you will have a chance to see the real test drive of some feature of it, but it's limited to certain areas and Indonesia is definitely not included on the area.

Here are some screenshots of the services:


  1. wow it's so amazing wil..!!!
    btw, it take memory very big or not?

  2. nope, it's just a web-interface that was designed to be as similar with VIsta, but all you need is browser, that's all