Friday, December 05, 2008

Busy Day

Today i have a busy day. Start at morning, i have to print my thesis report to be reviewed by my supervisor. I went to Sahara to print it there and i had to wait for one hour before the printing was done. Next, i went to my office and there my students already waited for me for a presentation which should be done yesterday, but some of them failed to do so, thus i gave them a second chance today.

The presentation was limited to 12 PM, because i had to prepare something else. In short time, i will go to UKDW's Guest House in Kaliurang to give presentation for new member of Informatica magazine about writing skills. I will stay there tonight and tomorrow morning, i will came back to my office because i had to attend UKDW's Dual Boot and Linux Install Fezt event. In the afternoon, i will go to Semarang with my mother to attend my cousin's marriage at Sunday.

There's no time to rest crying

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