Thursday, December 25, 2008

Buying Smart Bundle

I finally bought Smart bundle for Internet access which costs me IDR 289.000 at Amplaz yesterday. I got number 10 at the waiting list and the current number that was processed was 5. It took me about 1,5 hour to get my new phone whew!. I think they must make some improvements on the sales department. Handling one customer for buying a new Smart phone requires 15-20 minutes, which i think takes too much time. With only two counters available, the process is very very slow.

Why would i buy this? Because i need mobile access while i'm away from my home. I already used Speedy for my primary connection and while i'm in the office, i already had one also, so the only thing left is when i'm away from both location. That's why i bought the Smart bundle. I hope the quality is good enough for me.

I have tested the mobile with my Windows and Linux (Slackware) and both worked, so i guess it's not a big problem for the installation.


  1. You go guy! Mobile Internet is the way to go:)

    Would an Android device be something which would work for you? It's all linux, I think you could make some nice adjustments when you have your hands on one :)



  2. Too bad, Android is not yet to be found in Indonesia for now