Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet NL/L10N/CIP People

OpenOffice.org has just launched a program called Meet NL/L10N/CIP People, where you can see all the people behind NL (Native Lang) or L10N (Localization) project around the world (I'm sorry, but i don't know what CIP means currently).

At this point, there were two posters that has been finished and i'm on the second poster as well big grin

You can see all the posters here. Please note that it's not finished yet, as OOo team has grown up very fast and it won't be covered in just two big posters.

Thanks to Kazunari Hirano from Japanese NL team (bottom right corner) who has coordinated this work and JiHui Choi for the design and layout.

We are looking forward to see part three soon (as a gift of new year).

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