Saturday, December 13, 2008

Upgrading Forum Engine

This morning, i logged in into Indonesian Linux Forum and i saw a notification saying that the installation is out dated because newer version has been released. Because it's still early in the morning and it's weekend, i thought it would be nice to perform an upgrade because some people might still be sleeping at that time.

So i download the automatic update package, disable the board, upload the extracted files, start an upgrade process, and in less than 10 minutes, the forum has been upgraded. This is faster because the changed files are less than previous updates. I also used this chance to upgrade the Quick Login MOD. The older version doesn't work out of the box, so i decided to upgrade and hack it a little bit to work on 3.0.4 (the current version is designed for 3.0.3).

Everything is back to normal again now and you shall see no differences with the previous installation, but at the backend, there's a difference big grin