Tuesday, December 09, 2008

PHP 5.2.8 Released

Only four days from the release of PHP 5.2.7, the new PHP 5.2.8 has been released due to regression found on 5.2.7 which affected magic_quotes_gpc setting. This issue can be easily resolved by changing "filter.default_flags=0" in php.ini, but this is not done at installation time, so a new release is the best solution for end users who SHOULD NOT be bothered by this kind of operation when they wanted to install PHP on their computer.

It's really a shame though. Spending seven months of development time and when it should be a *good* release, the previous version got a serious flaw for something that will be removed in PHP 6. I think the QA team should have aware of this issue when they test the build, but unfortunately, they missed it. It's a good lesson for PHP developers and hopefully the next release will be better.

The changelog can be found HERE

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