Sunday, February 22, 2009


ADSL is one of the most popular data communication technology available in most countries, including Indonesia. It is basically gives you a broadband access which has different speed between upstream and downstream. In most cases, download stream is way bigger than upstream. Why is that? It's because most people will like to download rather than to upload.

Nowadays, people are not only become a consumer, but sometimes it can become a producer where he/she can produce a new information and distribute it on the web to make it publicly accessible by anybody who need that information.

If we always stick to ADSL, then probably it will not make people interested to distribute an information, because the speed is very limited. I just hope that someday my provider (you know who i meant) generously upgrade their bandwidth for both downstream and also their upstream limit so that people are getting easier to get and distribute information and/or data to and from the Internet.

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  1. That is really weird, in Indonesia the ADSL speeds really slow? I live in NZ, and while heaps of people complain about the speeds, when I check it out they are almost always due to simple things that can be fixed.

    Let me know if you wanted any help checking it out, cause most of the times you can improve speeds by quite a bit.

    You can use my Broadband speed checker here or my ADSL troubleshooter here, but to be honest, it is a bit technical, so just email any questions.. anyway just a couple of thoughts.