Saturday, February 07, 2009

Multiple Inboxes

I received lots of emails from many people every day. Thus i need a good ways to manage those emails so i can classify my emails. When i was using mail client in the past, i used a folder like which can be used to categorized the incoming messages. After i switched to GMail, they have similar concept, called Labels. Basically it can be combined with filters to manage my incoming messages into several labels. I can search on certain labels, so it will list all emails with the same labels at once.

Sometimes, you will have to work with many email messages from different places. GMail has developed another way to further increase your productivity while using GMail. It's called Multiple Inboxes. You can have more than one inbox on your screen. The first one is the main inbox and the rest can be set on different view, depending on what search parameter you used on it. The second and third view will be placed next to your inbox, so your inbox will be a little bit smaller.

It's part of GMail labs, so you must enable GMail Labs and then pick the Multiple Inboxes, developed by