Monday, February 23, 2009

Waiting for Good Rate

I have been thinking about buying a new laptop to replace my current laptop, which has been with me since 2005 (that's four years old). My current laptop is still usable and i'm still using it when i teach in class.

The problem with it is the new requirements of software which makes it slower. I have tried to upgrade the RAM into 2 GB, but it won't boot, even though it support it. Other problem is the disk space. When i bought the laptop in 2005, 60 GB was considered quite big, but as time passes by, it's just not enough for me anymore, even though i still have some spare space on it.

When i have decided that i would buy a new laptop, the rate is not at the good position. At the time i write this post, the US$ rate is around 12.000, which is very high and definitely not a good indication for me to buy laptop which is sold based on dollar rate. I think i should wait for some time until the rate is getting better.

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  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    save our money in dollar/euro to buy 'geek' things is a good choices i think...

    save us from weak rupiahs... :P