Friday, February 13, 2009

Exam Passed

After working for about one hour and completing fifty questions, i finally passed my ECSP exam with quite a good score. All of the participants also passed the exam with good score as well. I'm so relieved everything is now finished. It's a really hard exam.

Tomorrow i will be coming back to Jogja and start working on my daily task, mostly for next week, because my busy week is coming back again. I probably come back to Jakarta in the next two week for another training (different topic), but i'm not sure yet. Let's just wait and see in the next two weeks.


  1. congratulations! btw, did you have a dump or reviewer for the 312-92 ecsp exam? i want to take it as well on wednesday hehehehe :D

  2. i do, but it's illegal to publish it :)
    my suggestion is to review the material, since all the questions are based on the material discussed on the course.

    Pay attention to source code examples, since most of it are code snippets

  3. hi its me again. i didn't take the exam that day. i wasnt confident to pass it. i need advice terribly. the exam and the books are too expensive for me already and i dont have enough money to retake the exam anymore..

    can i pass the exam by answering the review questions in every end of the module?

    does it have any simulation?

    if i just read the book how many percent do u think i have a chance to pass it?

    does it have any case studies?

    do i have to do the lab in order for me to pass the exam at higher probability? or no need.

    also, does it have any objective type of question like "which is the encryption needs a public key and a private key at the same time?"

    can you still remember which module it has focues on the exam? which module should i focus?

    I really appreciate your response.

  4. no, it's not enough to just look at the end of each module.
    it depends on how well you can remember and understand the book. Since everything is in the book, i believe the percentage is very high

    it will be better if you can try out some code to understand how it works.

    the questions are spread across the modules :)

  5. thank you very much for that information! :D I really appreciate it!