Saturday, February 21, 2009

Graduation Day

Today i attended the graduation day at my own campus. Usually, i never attended such event, but this time, i tried to attend it, because several of my students got graduated today. One of them was Willy Christian Budiman, which has the same name as i do.

The good thing about attending such event is that i got lots of information how they are doing right now. From what i heard, most of them have started to work or in a progress of waiting final call from their future employer, which is a good news. They didn't need too much time to find a job in a real world.

Perhaps i should come to future events like this. Oh, by the way, starting this year, my campus changed the schedule for graduation day. In the past, we held twice a year, but we will try to make it three times a year, so students can aim for faster graduation.

Proficiat for all of you....


  1. Yes we do have the same name hahahaha. thx for posting my name in your blog, but to correct, my name is Willy Budiman, without Christian (I add it by myself wkwkwkwk)
    Thx for all your help, in all your subjects that I've taken and in my campus life. Thx for all movies you've allowed me to copy (=D). Thx for evertything sir. You're one of my favourite lecturer. =D

  2. not my fault, since i know it that name hehehe

  3. never mind. you may use it if you like. no charge at all :D