Saturday, February 21, 2009

Graduation Day

Today i attended the graduation day at my own campus. Usually, i never attended such event, but this time, i tried to attend it, because several of my students got graduated today. One of them was Willy Christian Budiman, which has the same name as i do.

The good thing about attending such event is that i got lots of information how they are doing right now. From what i heard, most of them have started to work or in a progress of waiting final call from their future employer, which is a good news. They didn't need too much time to find a job in a real world.

Perhaps i should come to future events like this. Oh, by the way, starting this year, my campus changed the schedule for graduation day. In the past, we held twice a year, but we will try to make it three times a year, so students can aim for faster graduation.

Proficiat for all of you....