Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Day

I made it back to Jogja safely, after a nice flight with Lion Air, except for some problem during take off. Without those problem, everything was considered perfect. No delays, which is something rare if we are talking about flights in Indonesia, mostly Lion Air. I had to say that i'm impressed on how they manage the flights today. Let's hope it also happened on other flight as well.

But, as usual, we fix something here, a new problem over there. Today's problem is about the seat management. At my flight today, some people had to be moved from their original seat due to some regulations and this takes time and some people do not want to separate from their family. This was what happened at my plane this morning. There were two foreigners who didn't want to get separated from the rest of his family, but it's also impossible to fulfill his wishes, because they had four people on it and the seat was build as three seats at maximum. One person sat next to me and the other one had a little talk with the flight attendance. This conversations took quite a long time (about 10-15 minutes), which eventually delays the flight in overall.

Ok, one problem solved. We all flew together on a nice weather. Both in Jakarta and in Jogja, so we had no problem with weather at all. Some bumps on the cloud was considered normal, so let's skip that part. I did have small rough landing at Jogja, because the plane (IMHO) was not yet stable to land, so there was small bump, but finally it stopped nicely.

I had to take the taxi at the airport to drove me home, because no one was able to pick me up. I was surprised about the taxi services. Actually it's my first time riding a taxi from the airport in Jogja, as i never used taxi before at my own home town. I went to the taxi service boot and asked them to get me a taxi to ride me back to my house. I'm very surprised that they didn't use the machine to count how much should the passenger pay. They declare a price which you should follow and this should be payed before you get your ticket. This happened in the airport itself. Next was that you get your taxi in front of the airport, waiting for you.

I will not complaint if the rate was normal, but it was HIGHER than Jakarta's rate. I couldn't believe it at that moment.

Ah well, it's past already. The great news was that i'm able to celebrate valentine's day with my girlfriend today.

I wish you all had a good valentine day also with your boy/girlfriend, family, friends, and relatives.

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