Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 Release Schedule

Once again, six month has passed since the last release of Ubuntu and now they are ready to release their latest version in the next few days. According to Ubuntu's website, they will release it on 23 of April this month, which will be around 24 of April in Indonesia due to time difference. Canonical will release Desktop Edition, Server Edition, and also Netbook Remix. Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and other ubuntu-based version will be released shortly after that. It could be on the same day, but it's not meant on the page nor it's available on Kubuntu's website at the time this post is written.

Like always, Ubuntu tried to give something big to their users. In this version, there are several big changes, including the inclusion of 3, upgraded from 2.4 in the last version, new integrated notification system, new icons and artwork, faster boot speed, enhanced application suite and more visual appeal, and many more. More about Ubuntu's feature will be available when the release notes are ready.

I guess on weekend there will be lots of people are downloading Ubuntu because the ISOs will be ready on public local mirrors which are faster than downloading from upstream mirrors. Start preserving your bandwidth and prepare to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04. I'm sticking with Slackware laughing

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