Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another Earthquake

Today, there was another earthquake disaster on several cities in Java island. The epicenter was located near Tasikmalaya and it has a magnitude of 7.3 (according to USGS, it's 7.0). It happened around 3 PM, when i was just finished my last class today. I was talking with some students when i suddenly feel the room was shaking. One of my student didn't believe that there was an earthquake and i asked her to stop moving and feel it. She finally realized that it was an earthquake and the rest of the students went out of the class.

When i came back home, i saw all TV stations were reporting the earthquake. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Plurk, and Twitter also being used to let others know about what happened. There were so many posting about the earthquake.

What's funny is that some people didn't realize that there was an earthquake, even though the magnitude was so big (it's even bigger than what struck Jogja in 2006). They believe after watching several sites, such as Detik.

There has been some casualties, but it's not as much as what happened in 2006. Let's hope there will be no more casualties and no more earthquake in the future praying