Monday, September 28, 2009

Vegas Venetian

Often, i go to other places and i stayed at several hotels. There are a lot of good hotels in Indonesia and i'm sure most of them have online websites where you can book online. But as far as i know, most hotel is only used for resting at night, because at morning, usually people goes out of the hotel to shop, eat, and so on.

It would be a good idea to have a hotel which provides many services to their customers so that they don't need to leave the hotels to go other places. I don't think it's possible, until i saw this review. Many people who have come to this hotel said that they really enjoyed staying at this hotel because it brings luxurious and unforgettable moment in a reasonable fare. I don't see any review less than 3 stars. Most of them gave 4 or even 5 for this hotel, which makes it a hotel with good reputation.

So i visited the main page of the hotel and i was surprised to see that this hotel has this much of facilities. It's really a complete one-stop hotel. You can have several options for wedding ceremony, meetings, and many more. You can also order online and check the rate for that date. It has quite an easy to use website to access all the facilities available on the spot.

You can also enjoy Venetian Blue Man Group Show, Jersey Boys, Phantom of the Opera, Wayne Brady, and also Bronx Tale on the entertainment section as well.

Amazing and marvelous. That's all i can say to express how Vegas Venetian managed to bring luxurious moment on their place in Vegas. It blends a resort, a hotel, and also a casino into a single place for people who would like to taste the romance of Italy without really having to go to the Italy.

I really hope someday i can travel to US and stayed at this hotel whistling

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