Sunday, September 06, 2009

Online Vegas

Ever since i was a child, i had a dream that someday, i would visit America. I had a chance when i was a kid, but then a small surgery makes my dream ruined. At that time, only my mother and my sister went to US and also Japan. When my grand mother was ill few years ago, i actually wanted to go to US since i haven't met her since 1998 when she left Indonesia and stayed there with my relatives there, but then it failed again and only my mother and my sister who went there (again) crying

There is one place that i'm very curious about, which is Las Vegas, the world's most famous place for gambling. I have seen the city, but only through a movie called CSI. My cousin had a chance to go to US last year and he visited Las Vegas. The same thing happened with my friend, Ronny. He told me that i should visit Las Vegas sometimes. That increase my curiosity about going there and see the glamorous world of entertainment in Vegas. I wonder what it's like to be in the real casino. Even though Malaysia has a similar place (Genting), the situation will be quite different with what's in US.

Luckily, there are so many web sites which provides this kind of services on the Internet. One of them is Online Vegas. They provides so many games which can be played just like when you play in Las Vegas, but in the privacy and comfort of your home sweet home. You can play it while eating pop corn or listening to your favorite music.

Like any other web sites, this site also provides you with all the popular games in Vegas, including blackjack, roulette, and many fun classic slots and video slots. For list of games included on this site, please check this page. This site only allows users older than 18 as part of their Responsible Gaming reputation. Not only that, they even give advice to parents who wanted to prevent their children to access the site by writing it on this page. It's something that are not being done by others.

It's too bad that it only supports Windows for the operating system. Even though i can use of Wine to install the client application, it would be more convenient to have native support for the program. Migrating to Java might be a good idea winking.

I personally don't like gambling, but i'm still curious about the real situation on Vegas. Let's just hope someday, i would really visit US and see it with my own eyes thumbs up. Before i go there, probably i should visit the Official Las Vegas city website.