Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fully Slackware

Today, i went to several computer stores to find a replacement for my desktop computer. It seems that some store are now playing in branded models and they don't sell non-branded models. This happened due to warranty problem if you sell non-branded models.

Anyways, i found one model which is quite cheap, but it's enough for me. I don't play heavy games, but i need some powerful resources because i might use it for development and for my work as a lecturer. I don't need state-of-the-art VGA card, but i do need big RAM and also HD space.

I'm thinking of fully using Slackware on this machine and no longer using Windows on my new desktop. I wanted to make my computer Windows free and fully using Slackware. On my previous desktop, there were Windows and Slackware, even though i rarely logged in to Windows in the last 12 months. I logged in to Windows only to update the application and apply security patches from Microsoft.

Well, let's just see. I will buy the new one tomorrow, so at night, i will be quite busy installing and configuring my new desktop cool


  1. wow... spec-nya apa nih komputermu yg baru, will? ^^

  2. bukan state-of-the-art sih, karena aku gak butuh spec untuk gaming atau mainan multimedia

    secukupnya aja untuk coding dan development.

    Senin nanti baru dateng, karena kemaren ternyata barangnya tiba2 diangkut karena ada yg beli secara massal :(