Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fully Slackware

Today, i went to several computer stores to find a replacement for my desktop computer. It seems that some store are now playing in branded models and they don't sell non-branded models. This happened due to warranty problem if you sell non-branded models.

Anyways, i found one model which is quite cheap, but it's enough for me. I don't play heavy games, but i need some powerful resources because i might use it for development and for my work as a lecturer. I don't need state-of-the-art VGA card, but i do need big RAM and also HD space.

I'm thinking of fully using Slackware on this machine and no longer using Windows on my new desktop. I wanted to make my computer Windows free and fully using Slackware. On my previous desktop, there were Windows and Slackware, even though i rarely logged in to Windows in the last 12 months. I logged in to Windows only to update the application and apply security patches from Microsoft.

Well, let's just see. I will buy the new one tomorrow, so at night, i will be quite busy installing and configuring my new desktop cool