Friday, September 18, 2009

Running Shoes

I had a friend who loves basketball so much. I met him when we attend the junior high school together. His favorite player is Michael Jordan. He learned all his tricks, watched his videos, bought his merchandise, and even bought his shoes products. In short, he's a MJ wannabe.

One of the most important thing when we do sports is the equipments. It helps us do things better. In swimming, it would be the swim suit. For basketball, i would say the running shoes. By having a good running shoes, we can move freely and reduce the risk of hurting our feet, mostly when we are running on bad or unstable court. Good shoes are designed to help it's users to avoid accident, such as ankle problem. Since basketball is very prone to accidents like that, it's good to have a good equipments before you start playing.

In most cases, we can buy the equipments on local stores, but sometimes they haven't supplied the newest stock yet, so you might need to buy it online (just in case you really wants to buy a good one). Many websites offers running shoes and also other items as well.

On Foot Locker, you can have a look on list of items, varying from mens, womens, kids gear, casual, and also accessories. If you visit the page, on the front page, it will give you a display of MJ's Hall of Fame shoe collection. It's very cool indeed. It's called Retro Air Jordan 1 Hall of Fame. If you want to look at the real image, click here (it's way too big to be displayed on my blog).

I'm sure when my friend saw this website, he will definitely buy this shoes as his collections. If you want to see some reviews on 2009 Running Shoes, you can visit Runner's World. The reviews are quite detailed with the item's information and also an opinion from the tester.

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  1. I agree with the idea of having the right equipment for everything that you do. Most of this equipment is made to not only enhance your performance in the game, but also protect you. You wouldn't wear shorts and a baseball cap when driving your motorcycle. It isn't only wrong, but it would really dangerous. Yes, it is the same in any sports game. The right shoes or the right gear helps you play the game better, and will surely protect you.
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