Saturday, September 12, 2009

Silver Jewelry

Not every company can survive for a long time. Silver Jewelry is a living proof that they still existed up to now and has been the world's premier jeweler and America's house of design.

Playing in jewelries area is not as simple as many people thought. They must spend big efforts to keep up with the latest trend and knowing what user really want. One simple idea that Tifanny & Co used to make sure their company keep up on running is being sustainable. They even had a special page for this philosophy. There's a cute penguin covered with gem stones on this page too thumbs up

In order to keep surviving, we usually have to have a unique items where it can't be bought from other places. Talking about uniqueness of products, i think they have managed to do so. You can see it on their summer silver collection page where you can get lots of unique items on it. They also provides hand-made and machine-engraved items. It will be different on the time duration required to finish the final design. It will usually take 3-5 days for machine-engraved items and 8-10 days for hand-engraved items. One thing that i admired most is that they gave an option for lower-price items on almost of their products. It helps people who have limited budget to buy it from this online shop. You can buy some items under US$ 100 (excluding the shipping cost).

I personally like the design of the web site. It's clear and doesn't use too much fancy background color. It's just a simple white background and with detailed images on each products, makes it easier for the consumer to see the items.

The only problem that you may encounter is that this site only ships to US addresses only, so unless you have a relative living in the US, you might want to reconsider buying it from this page.


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  2. I love Tiffany & Co. Their silver is so beautiful! But I just can't believe they don't ship out of the United States. As big a company as they are, you would think they would.

  3. Tiffany's jewelery lasts forever. I have a ring from 7 years ago that I got from there and I still wear it all of the time. Their silver jewelry especially never goes out of style. It is timeless.

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