Saturday, January 02, 2010

End of Holidays

Tomorrow will be the last day before i'm going to work again on Monday. It's been a wonderful long holidays since last December (that's one year ago Goodluck). My sister took longer time to stay in Jogja so she could accompany my mother longer, since she only came back once a year. We had a wonderful time in the last few days since we always go out together along with my family and also my girlfriend.

Today, we were planning to go to Jejamuran, but when we got there, it was so full, so we decided to ate somewhere else. We finally decided to go to Pring Sewu which was the nearest with Jejamuran (it was 2.30 PM, so we were already hungry). After that, she went again with my mother and i took my girlfriend home and resting at home.

Tomorrow, she will leave to Jakarta and probably she will be coming back again next December. Thank sis and have a safe trip Wave

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