Friday, January 22, 2010

How Secure is Your PC?

I asked all of my students who took the computer security course to visit Secunia and use their free online scanning service or their PSI tool to check how secure their computer is. Some of them have done it and reported it back to me. On class, i said that in most cases, it's very rare to have 95% or beyond if you are new to security and guess what? It's correct. Most of the students got lower than 95%, which i think it's still at acceptable level.

When they got the results of the scanning process, i'm asking them to raise the level by patching the OS and also upgrading the applications to use the latest version which should have fixed the problem found on the previous version.

I hope this kind of simple homework will boost their motivation to secure their system and follow best practices to keep their system secure by updating the applications and the operating system itself.

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